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About Memento Mori

Memento Mori Audio is a production company that offers mixing, mastering, recording, editing. We work with all genres of music, and strive to go above and beyond to make sure each client is fully satisfied with the final product. Being musicians ourselves, we have the ability to help you improve your vision and can perfect the production process. We work to produce the best sounding tracks with our knowledge of getting the appropriate sound for each instrument according to the composition and genre. Leaving the session feeling confident and excited about your art is our main goal. By offering musical knowledge wherever possible, you can be assured to be surrounded with the perfect team to finalize your vision.


While tracking, we make sure to get the best sound by micing our instruments properly according to the desired sound, and making sure the audio sounds perfect for recording. We also get headphone mixes for each person based on their preference of levels.


In the editing process we work with pitch correction/autotune to create flawless vocals and instrumentals, comp takes together to get the exact sound needed, and quantize rhythms to eliminate any and all imperfections.


During mixing we work with the edited audio and take each individual track and perfect it by adding effects, perfecting volume levels, fine-tuning each track using equalisation, and blending the tracks to create the perfect audio.


In mastering we make sure the general volume of the audio is perfected. The overall audio is checked to make sure the high, mid, and low volumes are balanced and that the track is ready for the public.

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